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Incorporate Dog Into Your Wedding

Must Love Dogs: How to Incorporate Your Dog Into Your Wedding

By Keri A. Klein of Flower City Nuptials

Your four-legged friend is an important part of your life. Maybe the two of you adopted your pup together, or he was part of your proposal with a bandana or tag around his neck asking you, “Mom, will you marry Dad?” Now that you’re on to the planning stage, there are many ways to have your dog as part of the celebration.

First- Check with your Venue

If you want your dog as part of the wedding ceremony, make sure to check with your ceremony venue that, aside from service dogs, they will allow your pet to be on the premises. 

Not all venues are okay with having the added clean-up of all that comes with a furry bridesmaid or groomsman: dog hair, dander, drool, or even the occasional accident. 

You don’t want to just risk showing up with your dog and being disappointed that they will have to stay outside or feel rushed because they are waiting in your car.

Second- Appoint a Caretaker

If your venue is a-go, let’s talk further logistics: who will be in charge of your Pup of Honor on the big day? 

Who will walk them down the aisle? 

Who will be in charge of them before and after the ceremony – will a friend do this for you or will you need to hire someone to make sure your dog is fed, watered, and walked during the celebration? 

I would also strongly recommend bringing your dog to the rehearsal.  This allows them to get familiar with all the new sights, sounds, and, most importantly, smells ahead of time, so they are less distracted the day of.  This also allows you to make sure they will feel as safe and comfortable as they can for the wedding itself.

Alternative Options

Maybe your venue won’t allow it, or you decide it may be too much for your pooch, but you still want your dog to be featured. 

One way to do this is to add pictures charms to the bride’s/brides’ bouquet(s).  Their sweet little face(s) can be with you as you walk down the aisle and say your vows. 

Another suggestion is naming your signature cocktails after your fur babies matching the drink with their personalities accompanied with custom caricatures to announce the cocktail. 

If you’re stuck on what favor to give your guests, instead let them know you are making a donation to the shelter where you found the other love of your life. 

A final suggestion is a twist on a goody bag: have a thank you from your furbaby to the guests with a sweet treat to bring home to their own pets..Provide a kraft paper bag and allow them to fill it up with dog biscuits and raw hides.

Finally- Enjoy!

Just like the person you’re marrying, you fell in love with your dog for many reasons – their unconditional love, their cold nose, the way they nudge your arm for more belly rubs or something else entirely. 

Focus one of those aspects, and build on it, and have fun with it – when it comes to love and dogs you can’t go wrong.

By Keri A. Klein of Flower City Nuptials


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Donna Lynn

Donna Lynn is a light-hearted, non-boring San Diego officiant, experienced with elopements, weddings, vow renewals, and hand-fastings. LGBTQ+ and diversity aligned.

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