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Ceremony-Element-Unity Ideas

Why not add a fun element to your ceremony? The ideas are endless (below are a few)!

From an Ancient ritual like a Handfasting to making a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich!

Your wedding ceremony should be as unique as you are!

If any of these interest you, contact an Officiant near you so we can discuss all the details!

Arrow shootingEach shoot at the same target, hoping to hit the same spot
Baking CeremonyThe couple combines the dry ingredients for cookies into a cute jar.
Beer CeremonyAfter exchanging vows the couple combines their favorite beers together symbolizing the joining of your lives.
Blessing Box CeremonyThe couple asks their guests to be a part of their ceremony by placing cards with their wishes for them in a box. A beautiful and meaningful way to make each of their loved ones a part of their union.
Book ExchangeIf books have a particular meaning to the couple they could each select a volume and present them to each other as part of the ceremony they may like to read the description that they written allowed for all to hear and could even incorporate this as part of their vows
Bread Baking RitualA nice way to incorporate the family as you may ask the mothers to share the cooking of the ritual loaf and presented during the ceremony have a loaf of bread under a cloth on the table represents the coming together of the different qualities or ingredients that each partner brings to the marriage
Breaking Bread CeremonyA handwritten vow exchange + first communion as husband as wife seems simple, but so meaningful! A memorable moment for the couple and everyone to witness.
Candy BlendingFun and colorful candy is blended into one jar. Great for families!
CirclingEach partner takes a turn circling around the other, typically seven times each. This symbolizes the creation of a new family and the circle of protection and love each is placing around the other.
Cocktail BlendingThink about the drinks that represent your partner’s qualities in some ways – strong, sweet, bubbly or intense perhaps. Maybe consider making cocktails for each other that represent these qualities. Or one that reflects you both
Coin CeremonyThere are 13 coins, each represent a month of the year where couple will share their goods and prosperity. The 13th coin represents what they will Share with the less fortunate ones
Fire RitualsCreate a fire pit representing light, warmth, and energy, always found at the heart of the marriage -the wood could be cut from a specific tree that has meaning to the couple or family, and then they read their vows next to the fire.
Four Direction RitualStart with the East the sunrise -beginning of the day and move clockwise through the other directions. importance of understanding your relationship to the world and the directions you have traveled as well as knowing your path ahead. The couple would then be guided to turn in the appropriate direction for each stage and the corresponding text read each time they have done so
Fused GlassSimilar to a sand ceremony, the couple comes to the ceremony with a container of colored, glass beads they have selected. During the ceremony the bride and groom pour their individual beads into a single, larger container. (This works when children are involved, as well.) The container is taken a glass artist who fuses the beads into a bowl, vase, wall art, etc. Or, a glassblower can create a piece of art for the couple.
German Drinking CupThe couple stand closely together facing each other with just enough space between them for the double ended cup. the one partner takes ahold of the smaller Cup while the other partner holds the larger Cup and at the same time the couple raises their side of the Cup to their lips to drink -research the story on this
Glass Bead CeremonySpouse #1 and Spouse #2 have chosen colors of glass that represents each of them in a special and unique way. Throughout their lives the have been two colorful, complete, amazing people all on their own – just like the glass. As the glass from the individual containers is blended together it symbolizes the joining of your separate lives, friends and family, into one union, the beginning of your journey as a couple. The combined will be taken to an artist and blown into a beautiful vase, never to be separated again, so may your marriage be.
Glass BreakingUsed in Jewish ceremonies-at end everyone says Mazal Tov, the couple breaks a glass wrapped in fabric.
HandfastingHandfasting is an ancient Celtic ritual in which the hands are tied together to symbolize the binding of two lives. While it is most often included in Wiccan or Pagan ceremonies, it has become more mainstream and pops up in both religious and secular vows and readings. Check out our amazing Handfasting Guide!
Hand Washing CeremonyThis is a modern twist on the traditional foot-washing ceremony. This element represents caring for one another and being of service. It also can be seen as a way of cleansing and preparing for your new life ahead. All you’ll need is a table, water basin, pitcher, water, and towels.
Healing Crystal Exchange CeremonyCrystals or gemstones serve many purposes as well as their colors. Color psychology helps individuals with controlling or avoiding certain emotional conflicts.
Hometown Soil CeremonyIn this unity ceremony, the couple each brings a bit of soil or sand from their hometown — even water can be used — and combines it with their partners into a third “unity” bottle.
Hourglass CeremonyYou can purchase hour glasses that have an opening for sand. The couple pours sand in the hourglass during the ceremony. We are reminded to make the most of our time together, not to waste time on anger or jealousy, but to live with the love in our hearts.
Jumping the BroomIn its contemporary usage, couples jump over brooms and signifies of sweeping away the old to make way for a new beginning,also represents “leaping” into their new life as a married couple
Lasso CeremonyTakes place after the vows have been said. At that time, the officiant (or whomever the couple has designated) drapes a floral garland or rosary around the couple, twisting it into an infinity symbol. At the end of the ceremony, the bestower of the lasso removes it and the couple saves it as a symbol of their love and unity.
Lighting of FireLighting a fire during your wedding symbolizes you and your significant other’s binding together as one. Fire represents passion.
Log Cutting CeremonyThe couple take part in the cutting of the log, which consists of cutting a log in half that is symbolic for getting over the first obstacle in their marriage.
Love Knot aka Tying the KnotTwo pieces of rope or cord that are tied in a fisherman’s knot. These two cords represent your individual selves and special gifts you bring to your marriage and the knot is the simplest but strongest of knots. When stressed it becomes even stronger. *May b
Love Letters.Each spouse writes a love letter before the ceremony, put it in a box and write one a month to read on their their first anniversary. Drop a copy of their ceremony in the box secretly!
Love LockA love lock is a lock that has no key. You place on whatever item you choose to signify your love and commitment. Place the lock on the eyelet of your chosen piece and together you lock it forever.
Marshmallow Roasting/S’mores Making.“Sometimes things are good alone, but made better, richer, and stronger through the fires of struggle, bonding us together through the sweetness and the saltiness. May you always keep your insides soft and warm no matter what you face together.
Mom/Grandmother Rose PresentationThis is a nice way to include the mothers/grandmothers. The couple presents a rose to their mothers …to thank them for their blessings
Oathing StoneAn old Scottish tradition where the couple place their hands upon a stone while saying their wedding vows. The stone can also be engraved with a Celtic knot etching, the date of the ceremony and your initials if you wish, although it isn’t necessary. It’s believed that an oath given near stone or water is more binding and “sets the vows in stone.”
Painting CeremonyCan be done with the couple or blended family. Tape off a heart on a canvas and each person “drizzles’ paint from top blending their colors. After it dries remove the tape and a beautiful, colorful heart is made. A blank canvas can also be used.
Peanut Butter CeremonyCouple makes a PB & J After joining their halves into the perfect sandwich, they take a bite to signify the first step toward enjoying their satisfyingly “sweet life” together
Ring WarmingIn this ritual, the rings are circulated among the guests as they say silent blessings to the couple. The rings start with one mother/person of choice and go around and are brought up by the other mother/person of choice
River RocksRiver rocks can be held during ceremony by all guests wishing good luck then put in container at end for couple to keep, or all go skip them across the water
Rose ExchangeIn the Rose Ceremony, the cpuple give each other a Rose. Two roses are all that is necessary. The Rose Ceremony is placed at the end of the ceremony just before being pronounced married for life
Sage BlessingThe officiant sages the ceremony space and clears the energy which joins everyone together in spirit
Salt CeremonyBased on the idea of the sand ceremony, the salt ceremony is an easy way to showcase the love you have for your partner. Swapping out sand for salt, you will be pouring your salt together as a way of symbolizing the joining of your lives. While the finished container of salt can make for a nice piece of decor in your home, you may also wish to simply use the salt to flavor the first meals that you make together as a married couple. Look into the details of the salt covenant to see if this is a ceremony that you should include.
Sand CeremonyDifferent jars of Sand are combined into one. You can find Sand Frames and other keepsakes on Etsy
Seven Steps RitualCouple circles a fire or another symbolic object 7 times -each revolution is used to focus on a single hope for the future
Sharing of SakeSake sharing also known as san-san-kudo is a custom that started in the Land of the Rising Sun (Japan). You, your partner, and all of your parents take sips from three glasses of sake stacked together. You and your partner should take three sips while both of your parents should have a total of nine sips from the cups.
Singing BowlBest if ceremony is provided by someone well-versed in the singing bowl ceremony as each bowl and song/chant focus on a different chakra. The chakra you want focus on will be discussed with the shaman/healer that you choose for this ceremony.
Spice BlendingGet some nice glasses along with salt, pepper and Cajun seasoning. One partner was salt, the other pepper and they added the child… the spice of life into the mix. – Totally unique to each couple/family!
Tasting of the Four ElementsThe couple tastes four flavors that represent stages of marriage: cayenne for spiciness, lemon for sourness, vinegar for bitterness, and honey for sweetness. Guests enjoy seeing the different facial expressions that the couple have while tasting the flavors. Sometimes these four elements are put in decorative glasses.
TattoosSome couples choose to have a tattoo artist on site and have their rings or other matching tattoos done at the ceremony
Tile BreakingSimilar to mazel tof-wrap a red cloth the traditional color of good fortunearound a tile- they break the tile in front of the guests -one once broken the tile can never be unbroken and so your vows cannot be unsaid -and once they break the tile everybody cheers
Time (Anniversary ) CapsuleThe time-capsule ceremony is a sweet reminder of your lifetime commitment of marriage. During the ceremony, tokens of love are sealed up in a box,(capsule) and the couple will open it on milestone anniversary. The couple can invite friends or family who are invited to bring photos, letters, or keepsakes to add to the time capsule.
Tree PlantingThe couple each bring dirt from where they grew up and use it to plant a sapling in a big pot. Once the couple moves into their first purchased home they plant the sapling as the foundation of their future.
Truce BellsThere is a Bell that is rung during the ceremony and the sound makes them think and feel happy feelings of that day – they take the Bell home and when needed they can ring it if an argument arises to call a truce
Unity Bouquet of FlowersEach bloom uniquely beautiful; when added to others, the individual traits create a bouquet that more beautiful than just the sum of its parts),
Unity CandleThe couple lights the candle together, leaving behind their separate lives, separate families, and becoming one.
Unity CrossThe Unity Cross Ceremony is a unique way to celebrate the joining of the couple together as one. It is a beautiful sculpture that is assembled during the wedding ceremony symbolizing a couple becoming ONE in the body of Christ. There are many variations so make this your own!
Unity PuzzleUnity Puzzles can be found on Etsy. Each person invited to adds a piece of the puzzle which creates a memorable keepsake.Romance is all about searching for the missing piece to your own puzzle
Volcano RitualA scientific one for fun science nerds- they build a volcano they performed the volcano science experiment- talks about reactions and memories reminding us to have a little fun together every day and never let life become boring- may love always be volcanic in its passion- and exciting to behold
Washing of the FeetThe Foot Washing Ceremony is an act of humility mirroring Jesus when he washed his disciples feet. For a couple being married to wash each other’s feet as part of their wedding symbolizes that neither is above the other.
Water CeremonyA fun twist on the sand ceremony for water lovers! With water taken from a nearby watersource the couple scoops water into a bottle. It is suggested to keep the water with you, or pouring it together onto your favorite tree or plant
Whiskey BlendingBourbon whiskey makes for an interesting symbolic substance. … It’s literally a blending of different spirits, that through mixing and aging together, combine to become something richer, more complex, and flavorful… much like a good marriage
Wine Box and Love Letter CeremonyA Love Letter and Wine Box ceremony serves as a lasting reminder of the commitments made to each another. Heartfelt letters, encapsulating your thoughts and feelings are locked away in a wine box to be revealed several years into your marriage. Whiskey, Scotch or Tequila can easily be switched out for the wine.
Wine Sipping from Unity Chalice,The couple drink from a single glass of wine. This symbolizes drinking from the cup of life and sharing all of its experiences together, both sweet as well as bitter.
Wine Blending (red & white)Basically you take a white and a red, and blend them together then the couple drinks from the finished product.


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